A full service transformation partner for healthcare

Methods can demonstrate a real contribution to improving health in the UK, delivering the first true cross-healthcare platform NHS Jobs, originally launched in 2004

This ground-breaking capability consolidated multiple recruitment functions across the NHS, and has delivered auditable savings over the years in excess of £1Billion.

Methods has a wide range of digital solutions focused on improving health outcomes and enabling sharing of data across clinical boundaries. Our expert market-leading knowledge in population health enables us to provide detailed patient-level, as well as cohort level, information to commissioners and providers of predictions for patient need and future needs.

We have delivered a wide range of clinical and patient-based information solutions for national programmes including specialised commissioning, as well as complex PAS replacements for large London Acute trusts.  We also have worked with the various regulators, public health bodies, life science organisations and overseas healthcare providers.

With COVID-19 we have been able to bring our deep insight into population health and its practical application to supporting health care providers in managing their resources and services to optimise outcomes.

How can we help?

Methods has proven and long-standing expertise in healthcare data and related informatics.  We are able to offer independent expertise to healthcare organisations, in primary, secondary, and tertiary care.  We are one of a small number of organisations specifically approved to be able to store, manage and use NHS data sets to deliver specialist insight into clinical outcomes.

Our mix of clinical and informatics experts across a wide range of disciplines includes current clinical practitioners, as well as a significant number of ex-NHS staff with specialist expertise in clinical and patient data.

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of the ability to share data across clinical boundaries, and in particular being able to track and facilitate patients from acute care into social care.  Methods has the knowledge, understanding and expertise to manage the process effectively and ensure that this is done in a secure and safe fashion.

Methods has proven and long-standing expertise in healthcare data and related informatics.