Digital strategy

Making change happen

What is digital strategy?

A digital strategy helps identify the changes that need to happen, organisationally and culturally, to transform your organisation into a modern, user-centred, cloud-based organisation fit for the digital age.

Methods’ experts will work with you to create a digital strategy, including setting out the next steps and a long-term roadmap for making that change happen.

Our approach

Methods’ digital strategy approach uses a range of techniques and methodologies to support you in moving to a cloud-based, user-centred organisation that’s flexible and responsive to whatever unexpected changes lie ahead.

We work in partnership with you to look at your aspirations and goals from different perspectives – design, data, ethics, finance, and the environment – to understand your current situation and the organisational change you want to achieve. We then draw upon our experience of working with organisations across the public sector to put actionable steps in place to help it become reality. These might include changes to processes, technology, communication, organisation structure, project finance, contracts and more.

Our expertise within digital strategy

  • Thought leadership
  • Vision and roadmaps
  • Mapping (structure, capability and business models)
Digital Strategy Diagram

How our expertise can help

Thought Leadership icon

Thought Leadership

Mark Thompson, co-founder of Methods, is a pioneer in digital government, and the co-author of “Digitizing Government” and “Manifesto for Better Public Services“.  Mark also provides digital training for Permanent Secretaries and Director Generals.

This thought leadership is embedded in our delivery across the full Government landscape, from local authorities, ministerial and non-ministerial departments, devolved government to other public bodies.

Vision and roadmaps icon

Vision and roadmaps

Organisations are living breathing things, they have heads, hearts and moving parts – to stand any chance of moving in the right direction there needs to be some coordination. We use a range of strategic planning techniques to help give organisations a sense of purpose, which in turn will help them to move in the right direction, increasing the chance of overall success.

Mapping (structure, capability and business models) icon

Mapping (structure, capability and business models)

Our expert team uses strategic modelling tools, such as Wardley mapping, to give true situational awareness and identify where opportunities might lie.

We can help your organisation become more efficient and responsive to an ever-changing and competitive environment.

Substantial savings

"Thanks to the work of the Methods Digital team, we have managed to gain significant momentum towards strategic change within the organisation. The focus areas we identified together are already being tackled, and are the foundations for realising substantial savings over the course of the next 3 years and beyond. "

Malcolm Lowe

Deputy CTO

Some of our previous work

Designing a vision for the road ahead

How we created an enterprise-wide technology vision that supports critical services using Wardley mapping and other techniques

Cutting through complexity

What we did to identify opportunities for rationalisation at one of the highest volume, business critical operations in UK Government

Transforming Scotland’s digital sector

How we set out plans to share capabilities across Scotland’s public sector and form its Digital Ecosystem Unit