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Demystifying Threat Modelling for Public Services

Methods CISO Gareth Jones, and Stephen De Vries, CEO of IriusRisk, take a look at why threat modelling is recognised as one of the most effective approaches to reduce cyber-attacks and costly redevelopment

Demystifying threat modelling 

This webinar addresses how government and public sector bodies can safeguard national information assets against a backdrop of increasing levels of cyber-crime, legacy IT systems and supply chain vulnerabilities, and a shortage of cyber security professionals.

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Digitally transforming Birmingham City Council

On the 9th February 2022, Head of IT James Gregory, and CIO Cheryl Doran from Birmingham City Council, joined us to discuss how they are digitally transforming the largest council in Europe.

BCC Webinar

Digitally transforming Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council join Methods to discuss their digital transformation journey, including tackling cultural challenges, cost savings, identifying important learnings, and developing a strategy fit for purpose.

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Vision 2025 webinars

Vision 2025 ran on the 22nd and 23rd April 2021, and highlighted outstanding examples of innovative and practical solutions to service-delivery challenges from across the public sector, showcasing how emerging technologies will support the roadmap to the future.

Innovating with emerging technology, why is it important?

Mark Thompson and Paul Greenhead join Vision 2025 to discuss what we mean by ’emerging technology’ and how you distinguish the hype from technology innovation, in order to bring real value to public sector organisations.

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Digital twins and IoT to transform your organisation

Digital twin technology has moved beyond its foundations in manufacturing and into the merging worlds of the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data analytics. Join us on this journey to understand how Digital Twins and IoT can help transform your business by creating real-time digital replicas of your processes or physical entities, whether that is supply chain logistics, smart buildings or a jet engine.

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Buy, build or adapt? How to get started with data science

For many organisations, especially in the public sector, the data science market is expensive, complex and opaque, but its use is of undeniable value. This session from Methods Analytics covers the current status of the data science and AI market including the sorts of projects that offer a good starting point, chances of ROIs, ethical considerations, and ways to build or up-skill your existing analytics provisions.

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Accelerated Discovery – How Slough Borough Council replaced their legacy platform

Simon Putnam from Slough Borough Council, alongside experts from Jadu and here at Methods, take a look how an accelerated discovery using an agile approach with their new Jadu platform, allowed them to prioritise 50 processes and generate savings, whilst delivering best practice and improvement of user experience.

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How to set up an emerging technology team with Swindon Borough Council

What is an Emerging Technology Team? What can it do for public sector organisations and how do you set one up? Sarah Talbot, Emerging Technologies Lead for Swindon Borough Council, talks to Paul Greenhead, Methods Director of Change & Innovation about how she set up Swindon’s award-winning Emerging Technology Team.

You will learn about how emerging technology adds value to public sector organisations; how to engage senior leaders and use seed funding to get established; how to use an agile proof of concept approach to ‘fail or win fast’; and the importance of collaboration and genuine partnership working to delivering success.

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Data is the new oil/glitter/gold/revolution; cutting through the clichés and making change

In this session at Olly Bailey from Methods Analytics, will explore the hype around data, how much of that is justified (most, if channelled thoughtfully) and how you can translate the clichés into something meaningful for your organisation. Touching on a simple framework for getting started with a data strategy, to real-world case studies that demonstrate how you can execute and deploy that vision.

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Discover cyber security threats

Every organisations’ IT and Security department aims to prevent security vulnerabilities and reduce risk. However, this process is time-consuming, resource-hungry, and the threats are ever-changing. How can organisations assess their ongoing risk of cyber threats and identify an acceptable level of safety without draining resource and budgets?

Methods can deliver a pragmatic Remediation Action Plan (an approach for fixing security-related issues in your organisation over a strategic period of time) in days instead of several weeks using best of breed CIS security tools and best practices combined with our deep cyber security knowledge and experience. This session calls on real-world UK Government examples.

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