Innovation and emerging technology

Our open, diverse and ethical innovation hub supports customers on their journey to adopt emerging technology, ethical approaches, and experimentation

Its vision is to kindle revolutionary thinking for difficult problems and apply innovation to create and amplify public good. 


Every innovation journey is different. Meeting you where you are, Methods lead on innovation and experimentation projects that solve problems and rapidly uncover impact and future possibilities. 

 We deliver prototypes, proof of concepts and transformative projects. Our interdisciplinary team, with their eyes on the big picture, work with you in a collaborative and open way to deliver value often and early. 

 Our expert team covers a range of skills, experiences, mindsets and technologies: 


Ethic of emerging tech, AI readiness & deployment, RPA, AI Proof of concepts, Data Collaboration & stewardship, Digital twins

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Gain insight from data I already have

Our sister company Methods Analytics, with our support, worked with a major defence client to apply Machine Learning techniques on their employee satisfaction survey. This enabled the organisation to quickly identify key themes in the enormous free text dataset, cutting their analysis work down from months to weeks.


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Think about data differently

We worked with a Central Government client to introduce them to the notion of Data Collaboration Frameworks, which enable big, public sector organisations to collaborate responsibly via data sharing. We completed this work with our sister company Methods Analytics.


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Set up innovative automation

We worked with a public sector organisation to explore how Robotic Process Automation could innovate their routine processes and relieve bottlenecks. Our recommendations focused holistically on how RPA could be used to progress a broader transformation programme and the organisational structures required to make it work. Here’s a more detailed case study on this project.

Augment my work using Artificial Intelligence

We worked with Swindon Borough Council to demonstrate how Image Recognition (an Artificial Intelligence technique) could help them proactively spot, log and then deal with potholes, graffiti and fly tipping. You can read more about it on our blog.


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Begin to build capability for innovation

We worked with the UK Green Building Council to identify the kind of digital platform they need in order to facilitate innovative thinking and problem-solving with their members (over 400 organisations!).

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Apply innovative thinking to a known problem

We think a lot about the ethics of applying Artificial Intelligence techniques to digital services. To explore the power and pitfalls of Facial Recognition technology we built an internal prototype from scratch, which scanned people’s faces and sorted them into fake wizarding houses. You can read more about our work to address biased AI on our blog.

Set up ethical approaches to innovation

Responsible innovation occupies a lot of our thoughts here at the Open Innovation Hub. We research it, write about it (like this blog) and we hold workshops on it. We also work with our clients to embed ethical innovation as a capability, for example with a Defence client as they adopt Artificial Intelligence (as part of a larger piece of work being led by our sister company Methods Analytics).


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Future - proofing my work through innovation

We worked with a large public sector organisation to develop a technology business case and roadmap that would future-proof the organisation. This included a holistic assessment of their current business needs, the current state of their technology, their mindset towards adopting innovation and the future services they would need to provide.

Some of our previous work

Exploring how RPA could innovate the management of processes

Using RPA to innovate how this public sector organisation conducted their business whilst leveraging their existing technology

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