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Methods podcasts

Episode 3 | Earth Day 2021 : Behaviour change to tackle climate change?

To mark Earth Day 2021, Sarah Tulej (Sustainability Consultant), Suzanne Maxted (Business Architect at Methods) and Hannah Pinnock (Design Strategist at Methods) talk about how we can use behaviour change to tackle the climate crisis. They discuss how the UK government have used strong messaging during the pandemic to change people’s behaviour, and question why the same can’t be done for climate change. They discuss the importance of public sector organiations making it easy for citizens to make ‘the green choice’, and how companies ‘should’ pay for the impact they have on the planet. An inspiring listen!

Recorded 20th April 2021

Episode 2 | Resilience

To mark International Women’s Day, Alison Palmer, Sarah Rudston and Hannah Pinnock explore the problematic theme of resilience, and what it really means today, given the seismic shifts we’ve experienced as a result of COVID-19. From learning from their own experiences, through to breaking down the perception of how people expect you to be ‘resilient’, how can your actions and behaviours impact your emotional awareness and intelligence?

Recorded 4th March 2021

Episode 1 | The next decade of digital transformation in the public sector

Mark Thompson, Strategy Director at Methods and Professor at Exeter University, joins Hannah Pinnock, Design Strategist, to discuss the Future of Digital Transformation. Looking at the biggest game changers over previous years, and how covid-19 has driven acceleration with increased investment in IT and digital, Mark reflects on spend control, before asking, “is it about just technology, or should we start to think about how we can re-architecture and re-design our services for a cloud based world?”.

Recorded 14th December 2020