Service integration and management

Methods is a leading provider of service integration and management services across the UK public sector

We enable organisations to take advantage of the flexibility and innovation available through multi-sourced and standardised services.  We focus on maximising efficiency, scalability, and end-to-end performance, whilst managing the complexity of a multi-source, cloud/commodity IT provision.

We work from assessment of current capabilities, through to design, implementation, and running a fully operational service.

Our modularised service components, coupled with rich performance analytics and proven techniques, provide you with the intelligence and controls to achieve operational efficiencies, a better customer experience, and business availability.

Our service design and transition toolkit provides a tried and tested governance framework to support the end to end service lifecycle.

Our service aligns with industry best practice  e.g. ITIL4 and AGILE.  We specialise in bridging agile delivery and traditional service management.

Our expertise within service management

  • Rapidly assess the maturity of your organisation and plot roadmap for multi-provider implementation model
  • Design and implementation of flexible, scalable multi-sourced structures
  • Rapid onboarding and offboarding of new and existing suppliers
  • Flexible deployment of new and changed capabilities whilst protecting live services
  • Orchestration and integration of key technologies and processes to automate workflows
  • Improve user experience by promoting knowledge sharing and self-service opportunities
  • Enhances and develops, not replaces internal “Intelligent Customer” function
Service Management

Managing the mix of legacy and new IT services in ways that are sustainable and cost-effective

Transforming the existing organisation by putting in place the right shape and structure, building on existing, and delivering new capabilities

Thought leadership, service delivery and business value using ServiceNow

HMCTS sought a partner to bring thought leadership, service delivery and gain greater business value from the ServiceNow Platform

Methods is a ServiceNow elite partner

Methods is an experienced ServiceNow Elite Partner with a proven track record in design, implementation, and support of the ServiceNow platform for public sector organisations.

Our core capability and experience allows us to leverage native innovations like machine learning, chatbots, real-time analytics, and predictive insights. This empowers organisations to utilise their data effectively, to take control, anticipate trends, prioritise resources, and drive continuous business improvement.