5 December 2023 - 6 December 2023

Milton Keynes

Gareth Jones, William Benson, Andrew Mellish, and Mark Behar will be attending the Enterprise Digital Transformation Partnership Network (EDTPN) where they are engaging with key figures in the industry to exchange ground-breaking insights, expertise, and first-hand experiences.

Gareth Jones is poised to take the centre stage, delving into the topic of ‘The Vital Role of Cyber Security and Data in Driving a Successful Digital Transformation’. During his presentation, he will highlight how effective digital transformation programmes typically start around establishing a strong base in the foundational technology that supports the overarching organisational vision. Gareth will underscore the critical nature of cyber security in safeguarding against potential threats, highlighting that anything connected to this technology is vulnerable to cyber risks. He will further discuss that cyber security plays a pivotal role in ensuring the triumph of any transformational endeavour, stressing the significance of integrating data into the cyber security approach, showcasing how this integration significantly bolsters the resilience of these transformative initiatives.

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