Digital Leaders Virtual Summit 2020 | Bring Services Back Online

17 June 2020

Online Workshop

Digital Leaders Virtual Summit: 8th -19th June 2020
Bring Services Back Online Webinar: 17th June @ 11:00am: Register here

Digital Leaders Virtual is the summit you can take part in without leaving the comfort of your home or desk. Even better, this two-week summit includes the 15th National Digital Conference being held virtually and the first ever online Impact Awards, celebrating 36 tech for good and social impact innovations that we all need digital to deliver. Best of all, it lets you dip in and watch the specific sessions on the topics that matter to you. One of the main issues currently affecting most local authorities is how to manage bringing their services back online post covid-19.

Methods’ mission is to bring extensive innovation, digital strategy, bespoke development, and service management capability to align public services around citizens. Our 220 staff and 300 associates care passionately about safeguarding our public services for future generations. In the unprecedented times of COVID-19, it is even more important for us to protect our public services and assist as much as possible in getting our Local Councils services back up and running.

Join our session for a demo of a FREE to use tool (SM4) Methods has created to help councils manage bringing services back online as the pandemic calms. Many councils are using multiple spreadsheets to manage risks and issues, down to technology and service level components. This potentially does not give a view of the wider picture.

SM4 lets you conveniently manage these processes across the organisation, drilling down to view the specific Risks & Issues that need to be addressed before bringing a service back online. SM4 engages multiple permission-based users to provide a real-time and comprehensive view of the status of all services.

Matt Culpin from our Local Government Division, will be running a demo of the Service Management system (SM4.0) on the 17 June 2020, 11:00 am BST  to help local governments get services back online.

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For further information on the Methods Local Government team or SM4.0, please refer to Council 4.0.