Methods Analytics present Analytics in a day – taking advantage of modern data warehousing in the cloud

16 June 2020 - 19 June 2020

Online Workshop

Join us for ‘Analytics in a Day’, a series of presentations showcasing how customers can take advantage of modern data warehousing in the cloud from data ingestion to business intelligence.

Ben MarksMarc TallentireMatt Thompson and Wezi Kandawire bring you 4 workshops across two days, covering a range of hot topics:

Workshop one

The Heart of Analytics – Learn about the latest Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence toolset within the Microsoft Analytics suite in Azure

Workshop two

Optimising Analytics with Azure Synapase – Learn about Azure Synapse Analytics, Microsoft’s latest evolution of the SQL Data Warehouse

Workshop three

Data ingestion with Azure Data Factory – Learn about Azure Data Factory, the replacement tool for SSIS in Azure data ingestion and pipeline workloads.

Workshop four

Insights for all with Power BI + Azure – Learn about Azure and the power of Business Intelligence.

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For more information about the sessions and the speakers, please visit the Analytics in a Day site for full information.

For more information on the Methods Analytics team, please visit their website.

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