Welcoming cohort 2 to the GRAVITATE cyber academy: fostering diversity and excellence in cyber security

By Methods27 June 2024

We are pleased to announce the launch of our second GRAVITATE Cyber Academy cohort, building on the success of our inaugural programme launched in October 2023. At Methods, we’re committed to nurturing a diverse, inclusive workforce, and our GRAVITATE programme is at the forefront of this mission.


GRAVITATE stands for Graduates, Returners, Apprentices, Veterans, Interns, Into Tech and Transformation Employment. This innovative programme embodies our dedication to creating opportunities for individuals from various backgrounds to enter and excel in the tech industry.

Enhancing the ‘Experience Learning’ from our first cohort, we’ve made significant improvements to the programme:

  1. Enhanced Mentoring: We’ve increased opportunities for one-on-one guidance, ensuring each recruit receives personalised support.
  2. Problem-Based Learning: Our curriculum now features more practical, real-world problem-solving activities, preparing recruits for the challenges they’ll face in their careers.
  3. Consultancy 101 Training: Developed by Samuel Facer, Managing Consultant, this new module equips recruits with essential consultancy skills to boost their professional success.

Meet Cohort 2

On June 24th, we welcomed ten promising cyber recruits to Methods. They began with a comprehensive two-day HR induction, followed by the Cyber Academy induction. This marks the beginning of their intensive 12-week programme, designed to transform them into skilled cyber security professionals.


Cyber Cohort 2 people in Methods Office


Looking Ahead

The launch of Cohort 2 represents another significant step in our commitment to diversity in tech and excellence in cyber security. We’re excited to see the impact these talented individuals will make in our organisation and the broader tech community.

Welcome aboard, Cohort 2 of the GRAVITATE Cyber Academy! We look forward to growing together and shaping the future of cyber security.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and achievements in the coming weeks!