Methods and Women’s Aid : 16 tasks for 16 days

By Methods4 November 2021

Methods’ charity partnership with Women’s Aid during 2021 has helped to provide funding for the Live Chat Helpline.

We are very proud that we have been able to provide financial support for this vital tool for women in domestic abuse situations, providing a life-line of instant help and advice. The experiences of women who use the service show what a positive change it can make to them.


“I chose to live chat because I struggle to speak about my experience in voice and having a chat enabled me to still sit at my desk at work and receive helpful information without drawing too much attention”


“I used live chat so I could use my computer instead of the phone and so my children could not overhear me”


“It allowed me to share how I was feeling and experiences that have happened to me that I have always been too scared to discuss. I wasn’t judged. I was accepted for being myself and given options that allow me to feel happier and safer. It really is a lifeline.”


Methods’  next fundraising event is the 1.6 challenge! This represents the 1.6 million people who suffer domestic abuse in the UK. During a period of 16 days (25th Nov – 10th Dec), we pledge to raise £1,600 as a business through a variety of ways. It could be 16 minutes of yoga for 16 days, 16 days of different fancy dress, covering 160 miles via foot or bike, or even writing 16 poems over the 16 days!

Together we can make a big difference.