Innovations in justice: highlights from the Modernising Justice Conference

By Methods13 June 2024

Last week we had the privilege of attending the Modernising Justice Conference, where innovation and progress converged. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals across the sector, and engage in insightful discussions about the latest trends and challenges within the justice landscape.

Key highlights of the conference included:

  • The Power of Data: Harnessing its potential to drive informed, strategic decisions that will reshape the justice system’s dynamics
  • Synergistic Collaborations: Breaking down silos and fostering seamless partnerships among industry stakeholders, paving the way for ground-breaking solutions
  • Technological Trailblazers: Exploring cutting-edge advancements that are breaking barriers and ensuring equitable access to justice for all.

We left the conference inspired by the conversations we’d had with both our clients and delegates from across the sector.

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MCJ Event - Mthods table and Methods people posing for photo,