Championing digital inclusion at Methods

By Methods16 May 2024

Support Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) with us – a day to champion digital inclusion for all!

In a world increasingly reliant on digital interfaces, GAAD shines a spotlight on the importance of designing technology with everyone in mind. From websites to apps, ensuring accessibility isn’t just about meeting legal requirements, it’s about empowering individuals with disabilities to fully participate in the digital age.

To ensure that Methods’ colleagues are up to date, we are hosting an event that will provide our people an invaluable opportunity to learn, innovate, and advocate for inclusive design practices. The event aims to raise awareness, break down barriers, and create a future where accessibility is at the forefront of our practise.

Having an understanding and awareness of the impact of inaccessible digital content on people is key for us to continue to design and build with accessibility at front of mind, and at the start of all projects. By elevating our skills in this field, we can have those conversations with clients, guiding them to design and deploy systems that are digitally inclusive for all users, that ultimately enhance user experience, and will meet any relevant legal requirements.

You can find some great resources to bolster your awareness here.