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From concept to delivery in 3 months

Winner of the 'Best Public Sector Project' at the 5th National Technology Awards in October 2021, and voted by the public as a top 3 finalist at the DigiLeaders 100 'AI Innovation of the year' 2020, the proof of concept began for Swindon Borough Council with a conversation about whether proactive identification could address every day issues such as potholes, graffiti and fly-tipping?

Swindon Borough Council’s Emerging Technology team are using AI to design better public services centred around citizens. The council developed a ground-breaking Proof of Concept that uses object detection and machine learning to enable streamlined and channel-agnostic reporting of street issues, combined with advanced data visualisation to predict issues and expedite fulfilment.

Swindon are working hard to create better public services centered around their citizens, and this work is just the tip of the iceberg.


Here is an example of the some of the work Swindon’s emerging tech team are working on

This real-time pothole detection, that can be fixed upon any of the councils vehicles e.g. refuse collection lorries, and collects the data simultaneously. This technology can also be used to identify and prioritise graffiti removal as well as locating fly-tipping. 

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