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New beginnings at Methods

By Lisa Howe4 October 20232 min read

A light-hearted view from the ‘New Girl’ perspective, coming into Methods. So…..Hello! I’m new! I am Lisa Howe and I started at Methods last month, joining the Service Design and Transition Team under the management of Steve Lynham. I haven’t ‘blogged’ before so bear with me…

My first observations, even before I started, were of a positive ilk. The recruitment team’s communication throughout the hiring process was fabulous (shout out to Priya!). It’s easy to forget how important that first impression is to a potential candidate. The idea of an interview does go both ways; we both want to ‘fit’. I wanted to work with an organisation that had similar values to me. I wanted an organisation that views people as its most valuable asset. Those initial conversations with Priya were key – Priya was my first impression of the company and she left a very positive one.

The interview itself was again, a natural conversation and flowed very organically. I actually do love what I do, so if anyone gives me a chance to talk about it, I go for it (I don’t have the same reception at home with a 17-year-old daughter, looking back at me, with a blank look of boredom and a ‘why are you talking to me…’ vibe…… I get more from the dog….).

I actually enjoyed the interview! Who else enjoyed theirs?? The job offer came quickly afterwards – I didn’t even get a chance to make a brew (that’s a cup of Yorkshire Tea if you’re from the South of the border!) Again, all positive, no waiting for weeks for feedback. It made a very refreshing change.

Starting off my first week, on the Monday and Tuesday I was invited to the induction at Saffron House in London. I don’t get to come to London much in my life, I’m a Northern girl through and through, and ‘that there London Town’ can seem a bit daunting. However, again, Methods organised everything, rail tickets, the hotel – so another ‘big green tick’ to Methods. Winner…! Nia, you’re a star, thank you for organising this, you made my day.

Nia coordinated the induction over the two days. Professionally, confidently, and with humour. She looked after us so well. Again, I have to admit, I have been on a few inductions in my time (more times than I would care to admit too). This one was different. The fact that we came away with IT equipment that worked and connected to what we needed, and our accesses were proactively thought about, it sounds like an obvious thing, doesn’t it? Well, not to some organisations, it doesn’t. The IT Team came into the induction course and made sure every single laptop had all its updates and we had everything we needed before we left the building. Awesome start.

The speakers throughout the 2 days were superbly received. What came through in spades was the passion and positivity and the sense of value, particularly to our Public Sector. I sense, here at Methods, that people actually care, and it comes from the top, down, which in my opinion is fundamental to success in any organisation.

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