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Neurodiversity, Not All Great Minds Think Alike.

By Methods11 August 20232 min read

Despite how the saying goes, not all great minds think alike.

Neurodivergent people experience, process, and respond to the world differently to their neurotypical counterparts, and it’s this difference that makes them such fantastic assets to any organisation.

On Thursday 3rd August, we ran a ‘Neurodiversity 1-0-1’ workshop, where more than 40 colleagues came together to understand the benefits of creating a more diverse, inclusive workforce and to recognise the remarkable skills, talents, perspectives, and insights that neurodivergent people can bring.

The workshop was hosted by Enna, a specialist recruitment agency who help inclusive employers attract and support neurodivergent talent through specialist neurodiversity training and coaching. Enna was founded by Emily Banks in 2021 who, after working in corporate banking, realised that there was a significant lack of neurodiversity all the way from graduate level to executive leadership. As well as this, she realised there were huge barriers to employment for neurodivergent talent, and wanted to find a way to connect employers to an untapped talent pool.

Through interactive exercises, this workshop gave our colleagues the opportunity to learn and understand the importance of neurodiversity in the workplace, the different types of neurodiversity, and how we can best support our neurodivergent colleagues.

We asked our colleagues, what were their key takeaway from this workshop:“How to be an ally.”
“How important it is to ensure people feel safe to ask questions without avoiding the topic.”
“How we can support colleagues with specific conditions.”
“How to be flexible in my communication.”
“Different experiences that neurodiverse people can go through.”

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