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Inclusive by design: citizen-centric AI and the future of accessibility

By Janine Mannall26 June 20242 min read

Stuart Ecuyer and I were invited by Sebastian Stein to deliver a keynote speech on Citizen Centric and Civic AI, to a group of Professors and Post Graduate Students from Bristol, Southampton, and Amsterdam universities, and other industry, government stakeholders. 

In our world where AI technology is more advanced than the legislation to regulate, govern, and control its impact, it is more important than ever that we purpose this technology to benefit all.

What if we think differently to make technology more inclusive? 

Instead of building on data that has been captured a million times before, why don’t we put people first? 

  • How many times this week have you provided data to a website or app? 
  • How can we make capturing and managing data easier for all?  
  • Do we need to fill in endless forms with information which is often irrelevant? 

What about the people who have accessibility needs and struggle to provide data, either due to a disability, lack of access to connected devices, or through literacy or language barriers?

What if we were to capture and store the information once, in an accessible format, secure it and provide the ability to restrict or remove information? We could think about data and custodianship differently. If we think in terms of ‘ability’ instead of disability, we improve society for everyone.   

  • 1.3 billion, 16% of the global population are disabled. 
  • Collectively disabled people have approximately $1.2T annual disposable income, (more than the GDP of the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Taiwan)  
  • There is approximately 7% loss of GDP due to exclusion worldwide. 

Imagine the direct impact of full accessibility for all!   

Methods are proud to be working with world leading universities and championing Citizen Centric AI design! 

If you would like to discuss any of the above in more detail or find out more about AI, Sustainability, or EDI services in Methods, feel free contact me on Janine.Mannall@methods.co.uk



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