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How do you put nature at the heart of Government decision making?

By Methods27 July 20229 min read

How do you give nature a voice? How do you put it at the heart of Government decision making?

These are just a couple of the questions being asked by Defra and their arm’s length bodies*…

Methods is privileged to support this journey of discovery and new ways of working to value ‘Natural Capital’.  We have partnered and collaborated with Defra, Natural England, JNCC, CEFAS, Environment Agency, and the Marine Management Organisation on this Marine Natural Capital and Ecosystem Assessment (mNCEA) Programme. This video story seeks to provide a sneak preview into this incredible quest and exploration to put nature at the heart of all future decision making!



*Arms Length Bodies (ALBs) are a specific category of central government public bodies that are administratively classified by the Cabinet Office