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How do we manage the sheer size of data being created every second and how do we derive real value from it?

By Jillur Quddus16 January 20192 min read

Every person and every organisation in the world manages data, whether they realise it or not. Data is used to describe the world around us and can be used for almost any purpose, from analysing consumer habits to fighting disease and serious organised crime. Ultimately, we manage data in order to derive value from it, and many organisations around the world have traditionally invested in technology to help process their data faster and more efficiently.

But we now live in an interconnected world driven by mass data creation and consumption where data is no longer rows and columns restricted to a spreadsheet, but an organic and evolving asset in its own right. With this realisation comes major challenges for organisations: how do we manage the sheer size of data being created every second (think not only spreadsheets and databases, but also social media posts, images, videos, music, blogs and so on)? And once we can manage all of this data, how do we derive real value from it?

So, I wrote a book. The focus of Machine Learning with Apache Spark is to help us answer these questions in a hands-on manner. It introduces the latest scalable technologies to help us manage and process big data. I then introduce advanced analytical algorithms applied to real-world use cases in order to uncover patterns, derive actionable insights, and learn from this big data.

Machine Learning with Apache Spark Quick Start Guide

What you will learn

  • Understand how Spark fits in the context of the big data ecosystem
  • Understand how to deploy and configure a local development environment using Apache Spark
  • Understand how to design supervised and unsupervised learning models
  • Build models to perform NLP, deep learning, and cognitive services using Spark ML libraries
  • Design real-time machine learning pipelines in Apache Spark
  • Become familiar with advanced techniques for processing a large volume of data by applying machine learning algorithms

Key Features

  • Make a hands-on start in the fields of Big Data, Distributed Technologies and Machine Learning
  • Learn how to design, develop and interpret the results of common Machine Learning algorithms
  • Uncover hidden patterns in your data in order to derive real actionable insights and business value

Who this book is for

This book is aimed at Business Analysts, Data Analysts and Data Scientists who wish to make a hands-on start in order to take advantage of modern Big Data technologies combined with Advanced Analytics.

Find out more… https://www.amazon.co.uk/Machine-Learning-Apache-Spark-Quick/dp/1789346568