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Happy ‘Data Privacy’ week

By Methods19 January 20241 min read

January 28th 2024 is International Data Privacy Day. The U.S based National Cyber Security Alliance is also marking January 21-27th as Data Privacy Week with the theme for this year on ‘taking control of your data’.

Did you know, over 72% of iOS apps track private user data? With free apps 4 times more likely to track user data than paid apps! Also 46% of consumers believe they cannot sufficiently protect their data, with the biggest cause being a lack of understanding of the nature, purpose, and use of their data by companies. Do you really need to know what you’d look like as a Viking?!

The devices we rely on every day in our homes and businesses are generating more and more data on our daily activities, from health data, to shopping habits, finances, travel, to social networking, smart devices, media viewing and other online behaviours. Do you know where that data is going? Or who it’s being shared with? It’s therefore more important than ever to regain control over our data and to ensure it is not misused.

Use the following tips and tricks to help protect your personal data:

  • Configure your privacy settings
  • Keep your social media private
  • Don’t save or share sensitive information

Data-Privacy tips


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