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Enhancing Online Safety – UK Safer Internet Day

By Smitha Bhabal6 February 20241 min read


Today, February 6th, the UK Safer Internet Centre is celebrating ‘Safer Internet Day 2024′. 

In today’s blog, Smitha Bhabal is discussing from her perspective some of the most effective tools to stay safe online, and explains why she believes these tools are so important.

Stay internet safe with these cyber cards! 

Staying safe on the internet is extremely important. This deck of cyber cards that have been selected, aim to improve your cyber fortunes online. 


  1. VPN: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that establishes a secure and encrypted internet connection, ensuring privacy and security. 
  2. Anti-virus: Anti-virus software is a programme designed to detect, prevent, and remove malicious software. 
  3. Secure Browsers: Secure browsers are web browsers equipped with enhanced privacy and security features. 
  4. Ad blockers: Ad blockers are tools or browser extensions that prevent potential security risks associated with malicious online ads. 
  5. Secure messaging/emails: Secure messaging and email services employ encryption protocols to keep your data safe and private. 

Why are these tools important? 

Why should we do this? What are the benefits? Here are a few personal experiences based on using these tools:


Here are some links you may find useful to help keep you safe online:

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