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Embracing neurodiversity: a global movement to challenge stereotypes and foster inclusion

By Methods18 March 20241 min read

What is Neurodiversity Celebration Week?

Neurodiversity Celebration Week is a global initiative aimed at challenging stereotypes and misconceptions surrounding neurological differences. Its goal is to shift perceptions and gain support for neurodivergent individuals by encouraging schools, universities, and organisations to acknowledge the diverse talents and benefits of neurodivergence. By fostering inclusive and equitable cultures that celebrate differences, this week-long event aims to empower every individual.

How can I find out more?

A wealth of informative resources tailored for organisations can be found here. This extensive collection encompasses a diverse array of materials, including research papers, guides, questionnaires, and handbooks curated to cater to various organisational needs.

If you are interested in hearing more on this subject matter, you may like to listen to our podcast on neurodiversity in the workplace.


Neurodiversity Week