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Cyber resolutions for the New Year

By Methods2 January 20241 min read

In our first Cyber Security Awareness blog of 2024, our Cyber Academy grads, Aaron Hewartson and Arran Greenwood, are discussing the importance of data back-ups!  

Dust off those thumb drives, Avengers! This New Year’s, we’re ditching gym memberships for epic data backup quests. No more photo-apocalypse meltdowns – let’s Thanos-snap data disasters into oblivion! 

Resolution 1 Backup Infinity: Regular backups are your Infinity Gauntlet against vanishing files. Cloud, hard drives, thumb drives – diversify your arsenal like Cap collecting shields! 

Resolution 2Automate Like Jarvis: Ditch manual drudgery! Schedule backups, let tech be your Jarvis, and watch your data-zen soar like Iron Man in his latest suit. 

Resolution 3Test Like Thor: Don’t trust untested backups! Verify your data back-ups regularly, be a hammer-wielding Thor smashing backup anxiety. 

Resolution 4Spread the Back-up Gospel: Share your data wisdom like Black Widow recruiting Avengers! Build a world where data loss is extinct, like Thanos post-Infinity Saga. 

Forget boring resolutions, become a data hero in 2024! Conquer the digital wasteland with confidence.

Happy saving, and remember, with great data power comes great responsibility. Use it wisely! 

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