We provide dedicated digital leadership training for senior executives

In partnership with The Centre for the Digital Economy at The University of Surrey, we have educated governments, financial institutions and large companies on how to adapt to the opportunities digital presents.

Methods directors, leading academics and renowned experts from industry take clients through an immersive and enjoyable process. Courses last from a half-day to a full week. Weekend courses at Surrey are also available. Sessions cover theory, case study examination and group exercises. The senior leaders we train are encouraged to detach themselves from their day jobs and dive into experimentation and redesign.

Key features

This training session will allow you to:

  • Build a comprehensive overview of leadership in the digital age
  • Get a view of your current service landscape including capabilities and technologies that support the delivery of those services
  • Assess your digital vision, goals, challenges and opportunities
  • Define your digital roadmap and draw future capabilities required to meet your vision
  • Define a set of actions the leadership team will need to take to deliver successful digital change

Need to organise some digital leadership training for your team?

Dr Mark Thompson

Strategy Director at Methods

Professor in Digital Economy at Exeter University

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