Building transformative applications

Our software development team works across industry and government, building transformative applications and end-to-end digital services.

Our development team works with clients to understand the user need from first principles. If commercial software is appropriate or preferable, we may advise a buy-and-develop approach to a problem.

Where there is a unique set of requirements that cannot be served by a commercial solution, we will design and build to precise requirements. We are language and infrastructure neutral – but naturally prefer cloud and open standards.

Our technical teams have delivered some world-firsts, like, and The Office of National Statistics’ API-based digital platform. We have a particular strength in user-focused web design, working seamlessly with our back-end developers and platform-as-a-service experts.

We are a collegiate and friendly bunch, known for working agile and cracking problems alongside our client organisations.

Application development capabilities

As part of our software development offering, we can cover:

  • Assessment of your existing systems architecture
  • Consultancy and advice on best approach to deliver your project
  • Design of new systems and architectures
  • Agile software project delivery
  • Re-design and replacement or upgrade of your legacy systems
  • System integration e.g. linking multiple back-end systems together

Why work with us

Delivering value fast whilst keeping costs low

By leveraging Open Platform solutions where appropriate, we’re able to build prototypes to show what can be done within days.

This approach also increases flexibility (we can pretty much build anything or customise existing commoditised components). You also don’t end up locked up in supplier contracts you can’t get out of. Open source software is also much cheaper and often free, helping you keep project costs under control.

Compact team of ‘Consultant-Developer’

We bring yet more speed and agility by providing you with a compact team of expert agile ‘Consultant Developers.’

They are capable of engaging with stakeholders directly (removing the need for an extra layer of project or account management) and have the hands-on agile development experience needed to deliver a successful project. We’ve proved in our past and current projects that this approach helps establish more efficient lines of communication and reduce misunderstandings.

Agile development

Our team wants to deliver value quickly so we don’t subject our clients to months of analysis and requirement gathering.

We use agile development methodologies to produce something concrete quickly, get user feedback and iterate based on that feedback until we have a product that meets user needs. This incremental and rapid cycle approach to application development is now accepted as the way forward in both the private and public sector.

Operating as one team with our clients for better communication and skills-sharing

To minimise friction further and deliver value faster, we become part of your development team.

We build relationships with your team and we get involved in solving problems. That’s the Methods difference. We don’t like to do something to our clients – we like to work in partnership with our clients.

Need to develop/integrate new or legacy systems?

Gordon Coe

Digital Director

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Case Study

Website design & build

Methods worked with ONS to build a reliable, clean interface that allows users to access and exploit the free, rich datasets within.