Introduce a new approach to digital within your organisation

Digital leadership

We run some of the most engaging and informed digital leadership sessions available. From focused ‘digital jargonbuster’ sessions for senior management, to full transformation coaching, Methods leads the field.

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Digital strategy

Build a clear vision of how your organisation will use the internet to reconfigure around the customer, to partner, and cut costs.

Digital discovery and roadmapping

Use value chain mapping to identify capabilities that can be simplified, standardised and shared to build a more modular, flexible organisation – thereby saving money by reducing complexity and duplication.

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Service re-design

Design and build services around user needs through user research, usability testing, prototyping and customer-centric service design.

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Move on from legacy processes and tech to new ways of working

Contract management

Reduce risk and uncertainty when leaving legacy contracts with our full service impact assessment.

Application development

Deliver amazing experiences for your customers with modern, GDS-compliant digital solutions.

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System integration

As open standards specialists, we design and implement modern service architectures allowing a blending of legacy and modern cloud-based systems and capabilities.


Support your organisation using skills augmentation, interim skills or blended teams.

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Supplier management

Strengthen your internal capability via intelligent buying, building your supply chain, procuring flexibly, building the right delivery incentives, and informed technology choices.

Salesforce cloud CRM implementation

We specialise in migrating legacy organisations to the cloud, across all main platforms. This includes upgrading to a secure cloud CRM or service desk.

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FinancialForce cloud ERP implementation

Make better decisions, improve collaboration and realise efficiency savings by uniting your front and back office onto one platform. Bring together all your accounting, human resources, projects, inventory control and professional service operations data in one place.

Cloud IT infrastructure

Migrate your IT infrastructure to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our Cloud Readiness Assessment (technical discovery) provides you with a roadmap so you know what applications, databases or servers you will need to retire, refactor, migrate, etc.



Build the right customer interface, services and organisation

Service management

We understand that service failure is not an option.  Ensure that BAU remains stable throughout periods of change, by running your live service safely and securely.

Data pooling & sharing

Clean, rationalise, and migrate your data from legacy into commonly shareable environments safely and securely, using the latest tools and technology.

Application rationalisation

Start to rationalise your application estate and move to a more consumption-based service model using tried and tested techniques.

New workforce

Work with us to understand your future skills needs, conduct workforce planning and education, and evolve your organisation structure.


We have helped others deliver better services for less money through innovative digital change.