Women in Tech Awards 2019

Lisa Moretti Digital Sociologist | Data Ethnographer | Associate Lecturer | Tedx Speaker | Head of UX Methods

“For those who say awards don’t matter, I say to you that you’ve won too many. Awards help to boost confidence and moral, provide other women with role models and bust the myth that tech is a business for blokes. Technology was meant to be the great equaliser but that will never happen until we all show up and prove that we are equals.”

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to give a keynote at a conference for IT professionals. I was the only female speaker out of six. One speaker was a person of colour (male). A few days later I attended a conference about AI in the public sector. Out of eleven speakers, three were female. One was a person of colour (male). There was a particular dark comical moment when a female attendee asked a two-man panel moderated by another man (all Caucasian) about their strategies for improving diversity in their respective tech-led government departments. One answered that they don’t support conferences or panels if they are not balanced. Clearly, they’re not serious about that strategy because there he was attending a conference and sitting on a panel that obviously was not balanced. A few days later I logged onto LinkedIn only to see a woman in my network posting a photograph with a caption that read, “Another day, another all-white, all-male tech panel.”…