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Methods is a leading supplier of digital services via the Digital Marketplace, providing a full range of services from individual specialists, outcome-based delivery, and user research facilities to cloud hosting, software and support.

Technology Services 2

Technology Services 2 is an important framework through which a broad range of public sector customers will be procuring key technology services, including: hardware/desktop-as-a-service, service integration and management, network and application management, security, asset management and disaster recovery.

Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework enables public sector organisations to access people and technology for digital projects. We supply various services through all four Lots of the framework: digital outcomes; digital specialists; user research studios; and user research participants.

Automation Marketplace DPS

Automation Marketplace DPS will provide central government and public sector buyers with access to the latest intelligent automation services – enabling them to benefit from a range of innovative technology solutions including business process optimisation, desktop automation, analytics, and much more.


This national framework is open to all UK public sector bodies, and offers customers a quick, simple and competitive route to Strategic HR Services. All of the suppliers on this framework have been selected for their ability to provide customers with a comprehensive range of services that combine quality and value. Methods is providing Executive and Managerial Interim Recruitment covering two Lots: Lot 1c - Commercial and Lot 1f IT, Digital, Media & Marketing.

Management Consultancy Two (MCF2)

The Management Consultancy Two Framework (MCF) provides central government and the wider public sector with access to consultancy advice and delivery from a wide range of suppliers.

Methods is offering our services through Lot 1(Business Consultancy Services); Lot 2 (Procurement, Supply Chain and Commercial Consultancy services) and Lot 4 (Strategic consultancy services).

Management Consultancy

The Management Consultancy framework provides a compliant, cost effective way for central government and the wider public sector to access a variety of consultancy advice from a wide range of suppliers.

Non Clinical Temporary and Fixed Term Staff

Providing non clinical temporary and fixed term staff to NHS contracting authorities open to all UK public sector bodies. Methods supplies though Lot 2: finance, accounts and audit roles and Lot 3: IT technicians, analysts and technical engineer specialist.

G-Cloud 11

The G-Cloud 11 Framework is for use by UK public sector bodies to purchase commodity based, pay-as-you go cloud services. Methods’ services are available through all three Lots of the framework: Cloud Hosting, Cloud Software, and Cloud Support services.

Procurement For All

This DPS can be used by all Registered Providers of Social Housing, Local Authorities, Blue Light Services, Education and NHS.

NHS England - Health Systems Support Framework

This framework provides an easy route to access support services at the leading edge of health and care system reform.

Digital Service Design and Data Analytics Framework for the London Borough of Hounslow

The aim of this framework is to support the delivery of a new Digital Strategy, which will focus on reviewing and redesigning services and ways of working to optimise the benefits of digital technology.

Digital Services DPS Framework

This DPS will support the Ofgem’s Digital, Data and Technology team to develop and expand its capabilities with a strategic architecture function, including cyber security and data specialists to support the increasing pace of technological change.

NHS London Procurement Partnership Information Management and Technology

This framework represents a significant opportunity for NHS suppliers looking to break in to one of the fastest growing areas of technology and digital solutions for the NHS and wider public sector, and it will give Methods a chance to strengthen our presence in health-care sector.

We provide services on three Lots:
• Lot 1. Consultancy –including – IM&T Services Consultancy and IM&T Transformation Consultancy
• Lot 4. Software – including Contract Management, Content Management, Spend Analysis, Procure-to-Pay, Heath CRM, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain
• Lot 7. Operational Services –including Data Management and Data Warehouse Services

IT Recruitment Services DPS for Manchester Metropolitan University

Methods is a supplier on the University’s Information Systems and Digital Services DPS and Innovation Products and Services DPS, which collectively will enable Methods to provide a broad range of services and specialisms.

Internet of things (IoT) technologies and services dynamic purchasing system

This Framework allows Scottish public sector organisations easy access to new and exciting technology such as Device and Data Management, IoT enablement (advice) and implementation services and more!

Dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for the provision of digital technology services

Framework open to all Scottish public bodies which provides a wide and diverse range of digital technology services.