Central Government

Methods has worked within the Public Sector since our establishment in 1990 and, during that time, has worked with a broad range of central Government departments and their agencies. We enjoy an enviable track record of delivering real savings and benefits by combining new business processes, new service channels and adopting new technologies.

The current Digital Agenda is challenging the legacy arrangements that most major departments have in place. We have supported many central Government clients in transitioning to new ways of working with multi-supplier arrangements and integration of ‘tower’ and commoditised services. We bring proven thought leadership and a detailed understanding of the Government ICT strategy and how this plays through into reality – as well as specialist subject matter expertise in areas in currently high demand such as disaggregation, SIAM, biometrics, big data, analytics, and Open platforms.

Methods has also been at the forefront of using Agile techniques, having been an early adopter in 1996 and having run over 300 projects in the last eighteen years.

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Local Services

Methods has a demonstrable track record in Local Services and we are one of the largest centres of concentrated expertise in local government transformation in the UK. We have worked in a transformational environment with a broad range of organisations: restructuring departments around core processes, building readiness for transition to ‘utility’ service delivery models, developing target operating models and new ways of working, designing citizen-centred services, supporting the adoption of shared services, facilitating technology (including Cloud) modernisation, supporting National Projects, and realising savings.

Methods has worked with councils, Trusts, and service delivery companies in the vanguard of this transformation of the local service environment – often as the catalyst bringing the leaders of these organisations together.

We have delivered new alliances, governance structures, operating models, service descriptions, and organisational capabilities. We have underpinned these transformational successes with complete technology modernisation, including the most pioneering cloud strategies in the UK, using nationally pathfinding Open standards. Equally important, we can point to audited direct savings resulting from our activities running into several million pounds – often by empowering councils to demand better from their outsourced service providers.

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Methods has a core focus on the NHS and healthcare across the UK, which represents our largest client sector, and we have achieved continued growth within the healthcare sector since our establishment in 1990. We have worked with over 120 health organisations, nationally and locally across the UK.

We have shaped and supported the delivery of new models of improvement covering organisations, operational services, information and technology locally, nationally and internationally.

We have also delivered and continue to run also one of the best examples of pathfinding ‘digital services’ within the NHS: NHS Jobs, the digital recruitment service for the NHS covering all Trusts in England and Wales. Methods has run this service successfully since 2003 with audited savings totalling over £1 Billion during the course of its lifetime.

In addition, we provide a range of tools and dashboards to help analyse the quality of healthcare services, make comparisons, assess change over time and provide credible insight to decision makers, specifically the Specialised Commissioning Reporting tool and Dashboard for NHS England.

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Utilities & Infrastructure

Methods works with a range of Utilities & Infrastructure clients, and are particularly focussed on helping them improve efficiency, drive down cost and meet regulatory requirements. We have over 15 years’ experience working with a range of clients, specifically in telecoms, electricity and water.

We provide a broad range of services from specialist project management and technology expertise covering the Smart Grid, supporting the adoption of new smart technologies, management of complex assets, GIS consultancy, and specialist support to mobile workforces undertaking complex assignments. We also have a range of front and back office services and solutions for delivering a modern and efficient set of internal business functions, as well as introducing new customer facing services.

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Methods has worked with a wide range of financial services companies since the early 1990s, including some of the largest names in the UK.

We have with expertise ranging from project/programme management and project office support, market-leading business analysis, project management, effective planning, improving corporate governance, high-level consultancy and an innovative range of implementation and managed services. We have also supported our clients in product developments and customer services, and in meeting various regulatory requirements such as Solvency II.

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Policing & Criminal Justice

Methods has an established presence within the Policing & Criminal Justice sector has worked across all areas from Central Government organisations such as the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, and National Offender Management Service through to various police, courts, prisons, probation and rehabilitation services.

We have delivered many projects and services in key areas of focus within the sector including enabling joined-up approaches across all the different organisations, streamlining processes, simplifying ways of working, and using information and intelligence to make better decisions. One of our key strengths has been combining both business and technology enabled transformation, to save cost yet also improve services for customers and organisations alike.

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