The Institute of Healthcare Management has recently partnered with Methods to release its latest report on winter pressures in hospital emergency departments. The report, entitled The Winter’s Tale, is written by well-known health journalist Richard Vize and offers some interesting insights on the realities of the winter pressures on emergency teams and related hospital departments.

The report shares the highs and the lows of the winter period and highlights how despite ongoing pressures, some teams have managed to come up with creative ways of working that allows them to operate more efficiently and deal with the demand more adequately.

The report is not intended as a definitive guide on how to how to run an emergency department, but it identifies some key lessons for managers working in this area.

Methods’ Strategy Director Mark Thompson comments:

“This report by Richard Vize is an incisive review of an issue that is not going away; the pressure on our health services is set to continue year on year.  This accessible report highlights the importance of: using data to identify and shape solutions to this challenge; listening to the people in the frontline, staff and patients; and of planning improvement as part of a whole system.  As experts in data analytics, largescale stakeholder engagement and the use of digital technology to enable system transformation in healthcare and across the public sector, Methods are delighted to sponsor the IHM’s publication of The Winter’s Tale.”

The report can be accessed on The Institute of Healthcare Management’s website.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss any issues raised in this report.