On the 29th December 2015, Ed Vaizey MP asked for input to the Government’s digital strategy. Read the press release here.

As thought leaders in the digital strategy space, we have something to offer. Since I stepped down as Transformation Director at GDS last year, I have been involved in a whole new world of problems and solutions that public sector organisations are facing. I worked with Dr Mark Thompson (our Group Strategy Director and a visionary academic at Judge Business School Cambridge) to put together a short paper.

In essence, we believe public sector can be revitalised by taking out a lot of back office grind and allowing public servants to help people.

To make this happen, we think that:

  • Controls can be used to promote sharing and re-use to reduce replication and duplication
  • Discovery can be used to understand the whole enterprise and not just focus on front-end websites (user needs are still paramount by the way)
  • Collaboration and commodity solutions can accelerate engagement and progress beyond specialist teams and open source development

All of this supports the surfacing and sharing of capabilities across government organisations. Which in turn will speed up the move to better user-facing services and away from bureaucracy.

Download a copy of the paper here

Mike Beaven, Digital Director
in collaboration with
Mark Thompson, Group Strategy Director