The integration of data into our personal decision-making has been so universal, that we no longer see it for what it is. Why are we not using data to help drive our business decisions?

Have you asked yourself how much of what you do is a data driven decision? Matt Thompson explores why we struggle to use data in our work lives

Mark Thompson

Real digital modernisation – a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the new UK government

This Government has a real opportunity to remove silos and align infrastructure for REAL Digital Transformation

Police Uniform

Disruptive technology and it’s impact on redesign within policing in the UK

Mark Thompson discusses how we can use cloud based technology & services within Policing in the UK


Are chatbots sexist? Josie Young asks the question of how our conversations with bots might reinforce stereotypes on a micro-scale

Josie Young sets out to understand what a feminist chatbot could look like, using exploratory research to develop a Feminist Chatbot Design Process…

Librarianship and User Research – Same Same but a Bit Different?

Libraries, librarians. The concept itself seems outdated. But I’m going to ask you to think about what a library represents within a community and…

From the classroom to the boardroom: ideas for replumbing rather than patching the leaky pipeline

It’s no secret that women are dismally underrepresented in the tech industry, accounting for only 19% of the digital technology workforce. And…

Methods achieves ServiceNow Premier Partner status

We are delighted to announce that in October, Methods achieved ServiceNow Premier Partner status, taking just 4 months.

“Suddenly you’re pulling people off the street and arresting them because you’re gay, because the computer said so.” Says Lisa Talia Moretti

Will Knight from WIRED discusses the tremendous power Artificial intelligence has to enhance spying, and both authoritarian governments and…

TechMarketView: Methods strong growth & profitability

Filed accounts from Methods – which includes Methods Business & Digital Technology (MBDT), Methods Analytics, and CoreAzure - reveal a fantastic…

How can Participatory Design make a difference in transforming the public sector?

Participatory design was used to great success on a recent Methods project. Our clients asked us to talk more about it, share its function with other…