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Moving to the cloud – improving operational efficiency at Ofcom with a Salesforce® cloud-based CRM system

By Methods16 October 20201 min read

There has been a disproportionate growth in cloud spend in recent months whilst public sector organisations responded to operating in a remote working world during the Covid-19 crisis. As it is predicted that cloud will continue to be a primary driver of digital transformation work undertaken by the public sector in the upcoming quarters, we take a look at one client, Ofcom, who required a single interface for consumers, citizens and stakeholders that would re-organise and transform their business.

For Ofcom, moving to a modern, cloud-based CRM system has allowed them to move operational teams out of the London office with the assurance that CRM data and service capabilities could be accessed and updated from any location on both desktop and mobile devices. Cases can now be raised, closed and shared with different service teams quickly and easily with all the relevant information being available on a single CRM record for anybody who needs it.

Take a look at their customer story that shows how a cloud-based model can eliminate IT infrastructure and provide you control over subscription and support costs, allowing a business flexibility to operate more efficiently over these unknown months, and years to come.

Read their story here.


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