Photo by Simon Sadek

No it’s not fake news.

Last weekend, we teamed up with Stemettes to run a free hackathon at the Paisley campus of the University of West Scotland (a short drive from Glasgow). This free coding event was all about affording the next generation of girls to learn the rudiment of programming a website on the popular theme of ‘Fake News’.

The Methods Digital volunteers on site that weekend were blown away by the girls’ go-getter attitude.

“It was really good! The girls were so engaged, it was amazing how easily they picked it all up.”

Eleanor Deal, Software Engineer

“The were some high standards of creativity and presentation. The girls were pretty much fearless about getting stuck in with coding. Impressive bunch!”

David Carboni, Head of Open Platforms in Wales

Head Stemettes Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE set up the social enterprise, Stemettes, in 2013 to run panel sessions and hackathons across the country supporting girls and young women who are considering a STEM career. Impressively, Stemettes has worked with nearly 15,000 young women across the UK and Ireland over the last four years. But Anne-Marie is not resting on her laurels. Today, The Times Scotland supplement, FutureScot, published her latest thoughts; a most insightful article titled History is missing ‘herstory’, which highlights how history somehow forgets to remember the plethora of female STEM figures and inventors.

We need to make sure that we invest in future Marion Grays, Williamina Flemings and Maria Gordons.’.

Anne-Marie Imafidon MBE

Read the full article here including coverage of the Stemettes/Methods Digital hackathon.