How important is it to dream BIG and be successful?

Every Monday morning, we have a team meeting; sometimes we do a group shoulder massage, sometimes we hug it out and sometimes we just share gratitude. I love those team meetings, why? Because of the authenticity in the room and the energy it generates. Do I always feel super-charged to stand up & try to motivate my team? No, I don’t. Do I go it? Yes I do, why? Because it’s important and I believe it sets us off on the right foot for the week ahead. It sets us up for success.

In my opinion, you don’t get lucky, you create lucky. So many studies have proven the link between success and the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain. This is released through exercise and also when you’re having fun, fun is one of our core team values. When your people are on fire for what they do, they are happier and ultimately this improves their moods and performance.

It’s super important and a quest of mine to bring more fun into the workplace and make our teams more successful and the best place on the planet to work, with some planning, energy and focus this can and will be achieved.

I love this quote by Robin Sharma, I aim to live this out with authenticity and awesomeness as I work on my daily mission to raise the bar in the workplace and make us even more successful;

“Today I declare I will be loyal to my values, respectful of my mission & fiercely focused on my dreams”

Mountain landscape quoting 'Importance of Dreaming BIG' and being successful at work.
The Importance of Dreaming BIG by Zoe Lewis.

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