The concept of “Government as a Platform” (GaaP) is coined frequently, but interpreted inconsistently. GaaP is often seen as being about technology and the building of technical components. Unfortunately, this view misses the point: it’s more about a new economic and organisational model which has the potential to improve the way government operates.

Fellow authors Jerry Fishenden, Prof. Alan Brown, Will Wenters and I just published a whitepaper in Government Information Quarterly on the impact and role of platform model and Government as a Platform in UK government.

In this whitepaper, we propose a structured approach to the application of the platforms that underpin GaaP, encompassing not only their technical architecture, but also the other essential aspects of market dynamics and organisational form. We develop Platform Appraisal Framework (PAF) incorporating the various dimensions that characterise business models based on digital platforms.

Access the whitepaper on the ScienceDirect website.