The integration of data into our personal decision-making has been so universal, that we no longer see it for what it is. Why are we not using data to help drive our business decisions?

Have you asked yourself how much of what you do is a data driven decision? Matt Thompson explores why we struggle to use data in our work lives

Police Uniform

Disruptive technology and it’s impact on redesign within policing in the UK

Mark Thompson discusses how we can use cloud based technology & services within Policing in the UK

WEBINAR: Successfully implementing DevOps into your Cloud programme

Building a DevOps culture is becoming a requirement in software development, by adopting the right processes, you can be more agile, address your organisation’s feedback with a shorter turnaround, and quickly address problems and bugs. In this webinar, you will see how you can use Azure DevOps to easily enable Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for your cloud applications.

Police ICT Summit 2020: Delivering change at pace in a digitally disrupted age

Don't miss Professor Mark Thompson discuss the ever-changing digital landscape (specifically within Policing) at the 2020 Police ICT Summit!

London Accessibility Meetup #31

Don't miss Alex Cleator discuss a "how-to" guide for inclusive behavioural research (Researcher and Accessibility Lead at Methods UK)

Absa Macro Conference 2019

Digital Sociologist Lisa Moretti discusses 'Born Activists: The next generation of customers, influencers and leaders at Asba Macro Conference on November 7th.

Ada’s List Conf 2019

Join Alex on the 9th November as she discusses 'You are allowed to have sex' at Ada's List Conference.


Attend AITECHTalents and hear Lisa Moretti discuss 'Society | Morality and the Machine' during the panel session at 11.30AM!

ISPOR Europe 2019

Come visit our stand at the ISPOR Europe 2019 in Copenhagen from the 2nd-6th November.

LocalGovCamp 2019

1-day event on Collaboration, Successful Service Transformation & how Technologies & Different Ways of Working can support Local Government in supporting their Citizens.

AWS Public Sector Transformation Day

Accelerate your organisations use of cloud computing! Mark Thompson discusses 'Internet: The Great Game Changer' during the keynote session at 10.10 AM.