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Jerry Stevens joined Methods as a consultant in January 2017.  From introducing a project, program and portfolio framework for a Central Government agency, through to writing a digital strategy for a city’s transport authority; hear how his first 12 months panned out….

Exciting and varied projects, new clients, a smaller organisation and ‘family feel’ were just some of the characteristics I was looking for with a new employer as I started my job search just over 12 months ago. Now, I appreciate exciting projects are subjective, especially in the context of the public sector; however, regardless of what connotations you may have, the past 12 months have allowed me to implement real, impactful change to a range of public sector organisations up and down the country. Whether it be working with a central government agency to introduce a project, programme and portfolio framework, transforming the complete taxi licensing process for a local authority or writing a digital strategy for a city’s transport authority, my first year has been as varied and rewarding as I had hoped. Fortunately for me, it looks to continue that way thanks to Brexit, austerity and increasing customer expectations – every cloud!

As with any consultant role, there are expectations outside of delivery which we must contribute to and lead on.  In Methods, this means I have reviewed our internal associate processes, developed our internal methodologies/ toolkits and worked on bids for new and existing clients. In the role of a consultant, we can be expected to take on many different guises in varying markets. It’s important to be able to confidently adapt to these roles across the business, since you never know when the same skills may come in handy on client site.

Speaking of which, being on client site is a key part of the job and whilst away from home you can expect to be onsite with several colleagues. The small and ‘family feel’ of Methods means there is greater flexibility in this respect and the blanket policies of larger organisations do not apply here. Each employee is treated as an individual and if you’d prefer an apartment to hotel it’s up to you. Obviously, there are occasions and events where you may need to be at home and our projects have the flexibility to allow this. During my projects, I have been able to visit the Yorkshire coastline with colleagues and return to London to attend meetings for a charity where I am a trustee. I am also able to start late and finish early to accommodate activities outside of work without any problems. As I stated before, the company is flexible and treats you as an individual, you need only ask.

Methods is the first company I have worked in where most of my colleagues come from the industry they are engaging with. Many have first-hand experience of the issues our clients are facing, bringing additional value to projects which is something I have learnt to not underestimate. This brings me onto specialisation and training at Methods. My time here has been spent as a generalist (through my own choice); however, after having worked with several specialist colleagues across both industries (verticals) and capabilities (horizontals), I am looking ahead to the next 12 months with the aim of finding my specialism. In this respect Methods is supportive – it’s small enough that individuals’ training requests are reviewed on a one-by-one basis rather than the company mandating we must all have the same type of qualifications.

I am really enjoying my time here and am glad I decided to make the move.  If this blog has got you interested Methods then feel free to then browse our careers pages here.  After applying and if selected for an interview, you will be asked to share your previous work history and your skill set in an informal and friendly discussion to see if you’re the right ‘fit’.

Feel free to reach out to myself or our careers department contactable at: to discuss your future with Methods.

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