Digital Outcomes & Specialists 5

Framework ID: RM1043.7

20 January 2021 - 19 January 2023


For the digital transformation of public sector services. This agreement helps the public sector buy, design, build and deliver digital outcomes by finding appropriate specialists to deliver agile software development.

It enables clients to define and procure a specific outcome such as a system specification or to engage individual specialists. This framework can be useful when a defined or known output is required as costs are constrained, and all suppliers have equal access to the opportunity.

You can procure Methods services through the following Lots: 

Lot 1. Digital outcomes  

Digital outcomes provide teams to research, test, design, build, release, iterate, support or retire a digital service.

Lot 2. Digital specialists  

Digital specialists provide government departments and teams with individual specialists to deliver a specific outcome with defined deliverables on a service, programme or project.

Lot 3. User research studios  

For suppliers with the facilities to carry out interviews, usability tests and focus groups.

Lot 4. User research participants  

To find participants for research such as interviews and testing.



  • Easy access to suppliers with the right capabilities, compliant with the Digital by Default Standard and align with the Government Digital Service Design Manual 
  • Guaranteed supplier capacity to deliver digital projects at multiple UK locations 
  • A flexible and speedy route to meet customers’ digital project commissioning requirements 
  • Suits short delivery sprints and agile methodology.

All of Method’s services are underpinned by ISO and Cyber Essentials Plus certification. 

How can you buy our services? 

Suppliers can be selected by further competition. Please refer to the buyer’s guidance here.


Further information  

If you would like more information on how to procure through any of Method’s frameworks, please contact